I see my latest topics taking birth from some controversy being discussed on twitter. So this time it is the Mumbai-Bombay dialogue issue which came into news as soon as the movie Wake up Sid produced by Karan Johar released. Had to be Raj Thackeray, the MNS chief who thought it was an apt issue to pick up and time for some footage. Saying Bombay instead of Mumbai was the questionable crime which hurt the Marathi pride according to him. Will somebody please take a poll on how many marathis were hurt!

Well! some people want to throw their weight around or create news so that they remain in news which so ever way..and this time so they succeeded too. KJ took no time to kowtow or else he better as easily forget his 40 crores too. So best solution is to give in to the gundaRaj.. so what if the gesture has only encouraged their guts multifold in gundaism, forever. A disclaimer was then added in the beginning of the movie.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, may be Bombay word was used just for correct creative effect in certain context. Well I anyways don’t expect these blokes to understand creativity. If something were detrimental to the society, to protest makes sense. No one protests movie to be openly abusive titled Kaminey. I refer it Bombay still so many times as in Germany many people are not familiar with the new name.

Why can’t these people use their power in right direction rather than wasting energy in trivial something? How about stopping the monumental waste of 350 crores by the Maharashtra Govt in erecting Chhatrapati Shivaji statue in the middle of Arabian Sea? Can he change the registered movie title Bombay by Mani Rathnam, or Bombay to Goa? Incidentally Bombay was released in the same year 1995 when the changing of names took place.

So finally something so ironic, any case against him or any mumbaikar for that matter will and goes to BOMBAY High Court (the institution which did not follow suit in changing its name). Thankfully mortals can’t get bigger than the law.

ps: Would like to add another fabulous article by Hansal Mehta

4 Comments on “gundaRaj”

  1. Who teh hell are you to decided how the marathi pride are effected ? why dont you called chenai as madrad or bangluru as baglore or culcuta by its original name ?
    ppl like you will not called this cities by their old name but will call themby new name but when its come to mumbai you insist on calling it bombay ? why

    when you are afraid to called the othe cities by its old name & call them by ne name why not called mumbai by its new name .
    waht is the problem with ppl like you when some one ask you call the city by its legal name?
    its the attitude of ppl like you that make ppl like Raj .

    pp, like you dont watn to talk or learn marathi but insist on speaking hindi or english but the same will go down south will learn the local offical script .

    it this physic ppl which are responsbile for MNS attacks.

    take cae of today . the chore goonda Abu Azami making new news saying he want the Maharashtra vidansabha should do it business in hindi . he wants all the official correspondence should be done in hindi .
    you ppl will suppor it , but he law say that the officila languave of state should be used in all officla corresponsdecne by the stae also in legislatue houses.

    its not a new for azami to create issue & if Raj oppose it then again all media run by hindi & englsih will traget raj for that

    • so you seem to be definately hurt by mumbai being called Bombay in WUS. You still didnt get the gist of my point is to fight for right and bigger causes rather than something as trivial as this. It is definately not a crime to call mumbai by its old name if thats what comes easily or instinctively to you. Peace!

      • its just you ppl dont watn to call mumbai that all? how come banglure comes to you easily or Chinanai instaed of madras which so simple to call but still you call it by new names .

        it s not a small isuue . Staes were created in language not by me or Raj but by the Govt. of India . every state has the right to slect the language of his choice that what Maharshtra did in 1960 . why are you ppl insulting by not using that language when in that state. language is what make a man , its his identiti in world not any other issue.

        then why tamilnau people still speak in tamil why cant you call madras madras anymore .

        its just the attitue of ppl like you that is the casue of this problem . ppl like you are having problme in side you mind you feel instulated to speak or use marathi world . you feel how can i speak marathi in mumbai it will degrade me in mind of my other ppl .

        that mind set has to be changed by ppl like you . if you dont change we will make you ppl to change .
        Wait And watch ppl like you will have to learn Marathi , speak in marathi in maharashtra otherwise have to leave

  2. you are chosing to deviate from my subject..i did never mention anything abt languages. You cannot force anyone to learn any language..and no one objects in chennai being called madras..stiill everyone calls a tamilian a madrasi only..only cynical people like you spread hatred amongst indians. You shouldnt forget that you are first and foremost an indian or hindustani then anything regional. Use your energies positively my dear fellow indian. i love my country eventhough i dont live there anymore but my heart is still there. Peace again.

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