Black or White

There are only few somethings besides sports, that I watch on German television ever since I came here in 2006 – Deutschland sucht den Superstar, Popstars, Schlag den Raab and the favourite being Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum. With the onset of the new year, excited that new season episodes will soon take-off.


Sara Nuru

Last years’ Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum show was very special and gave a surprise winner in Sara Nuru, a stunning 19 yr old model whose parents had migrated from Ethiopia. It was great to see how a black woman beat all her white co-contestants with ease and confidence and how she had emerged absolutely deserving and was befittingly encouraged by the judges and the viewers.

I don’t have to wonder whether a girl with dark complexion will ever make it to top or even find an entry in any in beauty contests that are held in India. In a country where female foeticide is still prevalent, if the complexion is dark can be a life-long curse, in certain parts especially North. Everyone wants a fairer counterpart. In the matrimonial sections of newspapers, there are even special columns ‘gori brides’. To accentuate, markets are full of fairness creams which promises fair complexion that too within 10 days. What do you call such observance? Racism. Period. We Indians cry racism at the slightest instance, but we treat our own fellow shaded complexion, abominably. I am not even getting into the caste system here and its conduct in Hindu religion, which still exists throughout the country.

In Europe, there are no fairness creams or bleaching agents. They love to get tan, sun-tan studios are in each and every city. People spend hours and money to get that desired dusky appearance. Has anyone ever heard of any Indian getting married to a black-American or an African? Sorry, I haven’t. Whereas, you see so many blacks with germans as couples with beautiful hybrid kids. Supermodel Heidi Klum herself married a black-American, the legendary singer Seal.

It’s great to see so many non-whites finding their place with due respects out here. The top league singer is an Indian- Xavier Naidoo. Bruce Darnell, my favourite celebrity, a choreographer is a black-American. Colin Fernandes, VJ, is an Indian. Nadja Abd El Farrag, ex-wife of Dieter Bohlen, is a Sudanese. Boris Becker’s ex-wife Barbara was an African-American.

There’s a lot one can learn from the west (especially germans) on how to respect human beings regardless of colour. For that, to begin with, you have to free your mind. Look beyond the surface. Then go deeper, reach the soul. Then unlearn yourself. Because – (Racial superiority is a mere pigment of the imagination. ~Author Unknown)

3 Comments on “Black or White”

  1. Its about time people stopped playing the ugly color game…Racism /discrimination goes beyond color…Good looking people in general enjoy much preferential treatment while others struggle for their voices to be heard. Thats why geniuses like “Micheal Jackson”
    have these strange obsessions which are based on some deep rooted fear..

    I was in Delhi 2 years ago for a wedding and went to parlour with my sister in law for some make up. The only thing they do is lighten you up. Delhiites dont know what to do with a dark brown face…I winded up looking grey for mostof the evening…On the second day I came to my senses and preferred to attend the reception with kaajal and bindi alone… It just erodes and grates your self esteem on multiple levels. Personality seems like an afterthought for most people. Craze for Branded everyhing has only added fuel to this beauty frenzy.

    Im glad “Michelle Obama” is being a good role model to dark skinned girls around the world. She is not “conventionally” stunning but has a great figure and a classy personality which is what Education is supposed to enrich us with. Im also happy we have had learned ppl like Dr. Manmohan Singh for a PM and Dr. Abdul Kalaam as the president recently. It feels shameful when u see film ppl endorsing fairness creams even SRK..paise kam padh gaye use ….God save us !!!

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