Most clicked woman in the world: Lady Diana

Now if one is going to be updating the blog after almost an year, none other than the most beautiful person that ever lived on earth would have inspired/motivated me to do so. Yes, she is Princess Diana. With the Royal wedding of Prince William with a commoner college love Kate Middleton that just got over last week, Princess Diana’s absence was indeed the most conspicuous.

The one woman whose each image speaks reams & reams & is worth a million, one just cannot but stare at each for hours and still not get enough. The unmatched, the invincible fashion icon, the diva who inspires each woman who can only dream to be born with that grace in the next life as one can never be like her or imitate to come even close to that aura she was blessed with.

Have just collected some glorious pictures from the net and compiled an album for you all to view and be in awe of. So just enjoyy!!! Photo courtesy: Various websites.

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