There is a reason why one picks up on former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan each time she steps on the red carpet in Cannes and she has been doing so for no less than ten years now. Reasons being many ranging her faux pas in the forms that we talk about her figure to pout to designer choice to gown colour to walking partner and so and so. And all of these universally critically analysed and unanimously agreed upon over the verdict conferred each time. Verdict: Largely flop, handful appreciated.

How does she manage it? As i tweeted: Either there is a problem with the designers’ bad designing or at least admit your choice is consistently gross. The most beautiful woman in the world has to or must look perfect all the time, the pressure is immense, the expectations from her colossal, therefore it usually ends up falling flat on the ground and viewers are held up yearning forever. Have compiled her each presence on the red carpet from the year 2001 to date. Now weep.

Photo Courtesy: Various websites.

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