Like thats

Like that sweet music of flute playing behind that mountain
Like that village which still exists with an open door concept
Like that grand procession of a beautiful princess
Like that shepherd lying in the middle of the green field
Like that spinner who decides to buy bangles for his wife
Like that postman who is writing a letter for that villager
Like that teacher teaching under a banyan tree
Like that sculptor who is on a long vacation
Like that farmer who pays back his entire loan
Like that mother who watches her first baby steps
Like that child who gets an extra candy
Like that dhabawala boy who gets five rupees as a tip
Like that dreamer who is still sleeping over that haystack
Like that lover who is silent and saying a thousand words
Like that cuckoo who is waiting for a cheerful moment to sing
Like that bee who is naughtier than before
Like that God who is happy today!

Written on Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Deciding to put all the older entries into this one so here i go. Want to keep all in one place. When i read through them I don’t believe i wrote it now and then..but still nice to read as if opening up an old treasure trunk kept in my cellar.

Hi everyone

I believe that one thinks much more soundly if the thoughts arise from direct contact with things, than if one looks at things with the aim of finding this or that in them. Vincent van Gogh

A few this and that are here straight from the thinking and i hope the thinking remain as meritorious as the will, thats a promise to myself. Amen.