Chitra Raju, artist

Hi, I am Chitra Raju.

Discovered anything called art in me for the first time was when I was six when I scribbled a portrait of my father on a piece of paper which with great pride he used to carry around in his wallet. After schooling, just couldn’t keep up with my parent’s dreams of becoming a doctor. Ended up graduating in English Hons. As the saying goes ‘Men will do rational thing only after exploring all other alternatives’ goes absolutely right for me. As the last resort I took to my natural talent which was – ART.

Portraiture was my first passion until i discovered that it was considered the lowest form of art as it involves only copying and is restricted to just skills and no creativity. So moved onto book illustrations, graphics then to print designing and web designing. My stint in renowned publishing houses in India lasted for around ten years before I moved to Germany to take up a new role of being a wife and a mother. I am now a proud mother of a daughter and a son.

After long 15yrs, I have taken to my first love again – painting. It took a horrible corona lock-down and lots of time in hand to finally revive it. So here I am. Enjoy my works.

All images and my works on this website are personal and copyrighted © 2009-2021

9 Comments on “About”

  1. Nice website chitra! way way better than all the previous ones, shows how far you have come… we all have… really like this one 🙂

    And like this section the most :)) touchwood!

    • Thank you..btw design is not mine..its just a template from wordpress..to which i have newly switched to..:p..each single word that you see is definately mine..hehe and the header too..:)

  2. Hi Chitra,

    I am your colleague from Indian Express I guess you remember. It’s really a nice site. The design, look n feel is quite clean. I like your site. Your work is always a inspiration to all.


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