Cloud’s End

This is what four brains would fabricate that too in this cottage…

Venue: Cloud’s End, 10 kms uphill Mussoorie
Date: October 2, 2004

“Once I was in Cloud’s End. There was a rat along with us. I found a hole on the roof-top. Rain drops were falling out of it. I felt like having hot soup. and by God’s grace there was soup in my hands. We realised that Mr Negi was missing. And his nails were found floating in my soup. Suddenly there was a thunderstorm and Mr Negi re-appeared. Someone woke me up. And then he was seen in Indian Express. There was an earthquake. And the toilet paper ran through the flush. I was shaking hands with Mr. Clinton. He was seen in his undies. With Monica Lewinsky holding his cigarette butt. Then she gave haircut to George Bush. And we found later that he wasn’t George Bush but Osama Bin Laden….lololol ”

Supplied by me, pj, ak and pp.

Written on Wednesday, October 06, 2004

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