Perfect Imperfections

I am an artist by living, and my work of art is my life
– Suzuki

I would want to know more about your life Mr Suzuki – living or dead. Read more and write even more about the same. We all realise how we spent our lives, once we at least get midway or farther with our endless insane misinterpretations suiting our own agendas giving a million judgements in half a minute.

We bring a national hero Rajyavardhan Rathor home. We bow down to a road rager bollywood hero who just donated a crore. But yet crucify a Dhananjoy and his family with a single rope. We also read about how Avantika Maken embraced her parent’s killers. We remember Bipasha basu and forget P T Usha. We adore Aishwarya’s beauty and hate her choice of clothes in the same breath. We forget Mother Teresa’s death anniversary and remember Diana’s in the same month. And still take pride in our channel of thoughts and have Big Fights with Rajdeep Sardesais.

The list could be endless cause our miseries cloud our minds and we just read such quotations in quotes and feel good.

Written on Monday, October 11, 2004

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