Girl with a leaf

‘Girl with a leaf’ is adapted from a pic i clicked of my daughter few years ago in Frankfurt when she was playing with autumn leaves lying all over on the road. This time wanted to try a painting in pop art style, its done with acrylic medium on a 60 x 60 cm canvas. […]

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Two brides

Next in the bride series 2021 was Two brides, honestly it was inspired by a movie poster and didn’t even require initial drafts, it was directly sketched on the final paper. The juxtaposition of the eyes, the bindi, the lips were all as though solving a building block, it kept falling into place on its […]

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Four brides

This painting is inspired by my dear friends from the college days. They have been my strength specially during the initial lock down in 2020, we indulged for months each day with our chit chats, sometimes random sharing of trivial pics of selfies, walks, cycling, cooking or baking, in happiness and sometimes just togetherness in […]

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