Two brides

Two brides (40x30cm, opaque colours on 300 gsm paper) #illusionart.

Next in the bride series 2021 was Two brides, honestly it was inspired by a movie poster and didn’t even require initial drafts, it was directly sketched on the final paper. The juxtaposition of the eyes, the bindi, the lips were all as though solving a building block, it kept falling into place on its own. The jewelry, the size of it, the color combination of the costumes and the jewelry also somehow got matched perfect to my liking. This is by far the fastest painting i ever finished (10-15 hours). This painting was loved and appreciated a lot on Instagram and many did imitate and tagged i was quite flattered with that gesture.

The contrast of the skin colour is the main highlight for me, what do you think?

Anyone who is interested in buying a digital download of this painting, it is now available on my Etsy shop for just €24.10. Click here to buy.

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