Four brides

Four brides, opaque colours on 300 gsm paper (40cm x 30cm)

This painting is inspired by my dear friends from the college days. They have been my strength specially during the initial lock down in 2020, we indulged for months each day with our chit chats, sometimes random sharing of trivial pics of selfies, walks, cycling, cooking or baking, in happiness and sometimes just togetherness in sorrow. I wanted to create something for us and finally struck upon this theme of diversity in culture and the richness of attire as brides since we belong to four different states of India – Kashmir, West Bengal, Punjab and Kerala, but yet the everlasting bonding much evident. I dedicate this painting to us – PACK. It took me around 40-50 hours to complete.

Visit for more of my works:

Anyone who is interested in buying a digital download of this painting, it is now available on my Etsy shop for just €24.10. Click here to buy.

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